The karst conduits and faults encountered in underground engineering maybe filled with various materials, such as clays, sands and gravels. The fluid flow and the mechanism of water inrush from these structures are ambiguous and complexity.

Water can diffusion in the clays with low permeability and flow in the sands with high permeability, whereas water fluid in the gravels maybe become turbulence flow. Different fluid laws, such as Darcy Law and Brinkman Equation, need be applied to describe the water fluid in these filling materials. In addition, the mechanisms of water inrush are also different. When the faults and karst conduits are filled with clays, the whole filling structure may be slipped under the high water pressure. When the faults and karst conduits are filled with sands, the filling structure would become instability whose modes may be similar to piping, contact scour and soil flow.

This project would develop a theory on the mechanism of water inrush from faults or karst conduits, as well as modify existing code and incorporated to the software. Especially, develop a software based on the MATLAB platform and the Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) to analyze the mechanism and process of water inrush. Compare the results derived by the developed software and others business software, such as COMSOL, UDEC and PFC, to verify the feasibility and accuracy of the developed software.