1)  Unique high pressure, temperature test rig





  • Sample Size: 200 to 500mm dia
  • Sample Length: 400 to 1000mm long
  • Lateral Stress= 70 MPa
  • Injection Pressure= 100MPa
  • Axial Stress= 2000KN
  • Temperature= 100 0C
  • Multiphase flow (Oil+Water+Gas) testing
  • Absolute and relative permeability
  • Pore pressure measurements
  • Full waveform acoustic emission (AE) monitoring
  • Stress-strain measurements
  • P & S wave-Tomography measurements


  • Thermo-mechanical, Geophysical, hydro-geological measurements simultaneously on rock ranging from granite to sedimentary rocks
  • Well bore stability
  • Sand production
  • Fault simulation
  • Fracturing- Water, foam, non-viscous fluid
  • Ability to enhance permeability of coal to enhance CH4 recovery
  • EOR
  • Shale Gas- Stimulation techniques
  • Geological sequestration of CO2
  • CO2 storage capacity of rocks
  • Ability to develop upscale models for filed scale problems. (1, 2, 3, 4mm)


2)  Shale gas/coal-bed methane rig





  • Sample Size: 50mm to 200mm dia
  • Sample Length: 100 to 1000mm long
  • Lateral Stress= 32 MPa
  • Injection Pressure= 50 MPa
  • Axial Stress= 1000KN
  • Temperature= 100 0C
  • The analogue data from the pressure transducers, displacement transducers
  • Capillary tubes at 3 intermediate points to measure pore pressure


  • Hydro Fracturing or other forms of fracturing
  • Shale gas and coal seam gas, carbon sequestration
  • EOR


3)  The high-pressure, high-temperature 3D stress reactor (True triaxial)





  • Sample Size: 3 Cubical sample sizes
  • Sample Sizes: 350, 500, 750 mm cubes
  • Lateral Stress= 350 MPa
  • Lateral Stress: 3 differential stresses
  • Injection Pressure= 400 MPa
  • Temperature= 400 0C
  • Multiphase flow analysis
  • Simulation depth: 12 km


  • Hydro Fracture/shale gas
  • Tight gas stimulations
  • Rock breakage
  • Well bore stability
  • Sand production
  • Sand transportations
  • Well Casing
  • Fault Simulations
  • EOR


4)  Triaxially Compressed Hopkinson Bar (TriHB)





  • Barrel size 50mm bore size and 1.5m length
  • Dynamic loading system
  • 3 pairs of high-strength steel bars in three perpendicular direction
  • 24-channel high-speed and high-precision data recorder
  • Ultra-high speed imaging system


  • To quantitatively determine mechanical properties of brittle materials under dynamic loads, focusing on rate-dependent constitutive models and fracture criteria
  • Dynamic fracturing/fragmentation of brittle materials caused by blast and impact loading, mechanised excavation, and pulsed-water hydraulic mining
  • Stress wave transmission and attenuation across material joints, and the effects of geometrical and physical properties of joints and filling materials
  • Energy and wave transmission during dynamic fracturing related to earthquake, deep mining, blasting and explosion, protective structure design


5)  Seismic Experimental Platform for Rock Joints





  • A high bearing capability table (2.4m×1.2m)
  • Spring loading system
  • Static loading cell system
  • Rock bars and plates of various size used as the wave propagation medium and fracture container
  • Two synchronized HBM Gen3i and Gen7i system with 40 channels and 1MHz sampling frequency


  • To simulate 1D P-wave propagation across a single rock fracture or a set of parallel rock fractures
  • To investigate dynamic triggering of frictional slip of a rock fracture, which uses a 2D P-wave as a shear stress
  • To perform frictional failure of a rock fracture induced by a combination of a decreasing normal stress and a constant shear stress
  • To investigate obliquely incident plane P-wave propagation across welded or non-welded rock fractures