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As the Director of the 3GDeep Earth Energy Laboratory, I'm thrilled to introduce FRESH - Females: Resource Engineering Shaping Horizon. This initiative embodies our collective aspiration for a more sustainable future and the urgent quest for net-zero emissions. FRESH is rooted in our profound belief that female engineers possess unique talents and perspectives that are indispensable in driving innovation, especially in resource engineering, which encompasses mineral recoveries, advanced carbon sequestration techniques, deep-earth energy harnessing, and the creative transformation of waste into valuable resources.

I have had the privilege of mentoring a diverse array of talent, including over 40% female PhD candidates, throughout my academic journey. But diversity for us is not just a numerical goal; it is about equipping the next wave of female leaders with the tools they need to innovate, influence, and inspire.

The vision of FRESH is dual-pronged: firstly, to enrich the landscape of resource engineering by actively recruiting and nurturing female talent, and secondly, to bring the critical roles these women will play to the forefront of public awareness. As we stand at the cusp of transformative changes that will define our future, we cannot afford to ignore the contributions that can be made by half of the world’s population. Women in this field are more than just participants; they are catalysts for change, visionaries who look beyond the obvious, and trailblazers who will redefine the boundaries of what is possible.

Through FRESH, we are not just shaping the horizon; we are expanding it.






Dr Samintha Perera  


Congratulations on being a DECRA fellow-2023

Dr. Pabasara Kumari


Mollie Holman Awardee -2021

Dr Avanthi Liyanage


Among the world’s top 100 Asian scientists-2022

Dr Ashani Ranathunga  





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