Name of the journal : Geomechanics and Geophysics for Geo-Energy and Geo-Resources

ISSN Print : 2363-8419

ISSN Electronic : 2363-8427

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Aims and Scope :

The journal G4 publishes original research, new developments, and case studies in the field of geomechanics and geophysics with special application to energy and resources in the subsurface Earth.  This covers the full scope of geomechanics and geophysics including theory and analysis, laboratory and field experiments, numerical methods and modelling techniques, and engineering applications and technology development related to energy and resources. This scope includes discovery and recovery of conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons, mining and resources engineering, natural and enhanced geothermal energy, geotechnical engineering of energy storage, geological solutions for energy and resources including geological disposal of energy wastes including sequestration of carbon dioxide. All papers on these topics within the journal scope are welcomed.


Invitation to Authors :

The worldwide demand for energy and resources continues to increase. At the same time, with increasing consideration for the environment, the world is moving toward sustainable, green and renewable solutions in the recovery of energy and resources. Geomechanics and geophysics play a crucial role in the engineering of energy and resource extraction from the subsurface Earth, including oil, gas, coals, minerals and heat to meet such goals of sustainability. Indeed, geomechanics and geophysics have perhaps the most direct impact on geo-energy and geo-resources development in terms of exploration, production, safety, sustainability and environment. The journal G4 provides a platform to share the latest findings and knowledge from scientific research, technology development and engineering projects, on geomechanical and geophysical solutions for energy and resources extraction from the subsurface Earth. Potential authors are invited to submit and publish original research in the journal. The journal will publish its first issue in 2015.

Please contact the editors P.G. Ranjith or Jian Zhao for more information or for your potential submission.